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Website: http://dcoyeinteractive.itch.io/kulay-original


Price: Free (donations go to my college funds...highly encouraged if you love the game)


Kulay, The Lock Picker's Story is a 2D puzzle platformer that lets you explore challenging puzzles while unraveling a deep storyline. It details a deep story between a man’s quest to the afterlife while pondering the recent events that occurred to him.

Know his name, occupation, and what exactly happened to him in a game developed with well crafted storyline and sound design.

Filled with over 10 levels, Kulay is a game that puzzle platformer fans can truly enjoy. Each level is full of unique puzzles that will make you think, and each level that you complete rewards you into uncovering the man’s story of how he lost his identity.

** Features **

Deep Storyline - the storyline is compelling, and it will make the player want to keep solving puzzles and watch the story unravel

Unique Puzzles - the game features puzzles that puzzle platformer fans have not seen recently. Puzzles are carefully designed, and it will make you think.

Play right away - The game has no tutorials. You immediately hop into the game and enjoy the gameplay while uncovering what really happened to the man. This is a game that real puzzle platformed fans will truly enjoy.

Rich sound - the game is designed with hand picked sound effects that appear on specific events in the game. The background music is top tier and made by veteran royalty free music composer: Kevin McLeod.

As an independent game developer, I focus on making fun games that everyone can truly enjoy. I have made and published games in the Google Play store as well as Kongregate before making Kulay. My work has been recognized by few notable organizations such as the Electronic Software Association (ESA), and my work has been on the press such as VentureBeat, ABC News 7, and The SF Weekly. In the end of the day, Nicu is a part time game developer and a full time student looking to finish his Computer Science degree in spring 2016.

If you like the concept for Kulay, or if you have any suggestions to how I can improve the game, please talk to me at https://twitter.com/apebeast! I follow back :)

Thank you!